Wednesday, July 30, 2014


PART-I've never done this before and PART-it's the nature of the beast.
We worked madly to get things prepped for the arrival of kit parts, but the shipping of the SIPS, which matter most, got delayed putting the whole thing at a stand still.  However, it did give us time to address issues on the south side of the old part of the house and prepare it for the new window and door.  We removed and old door and framed it for a new window, and removed an old window and framed it for a set of new french doors which will lead out to a screened-in porch.  Actually, we ran around gathering things, cleaning up and making lunch while my brother and our neighbor Eric did all the work.

AND THEN... the SIPs arrived yesterday.

I just caught the truck as it was pulling away after we unloaded the SIPS

Our builders were able to make big progress today.  In fact, when I arrived at the house late in the day the sight of it brought me to tears.  Each stage and layer of the reality of this blows my mind.   A shout out to the two greatest guys who are building our house -- Colin Bargeron & Ilya Radysh!

The roofing arrives tomorrow and on Friday we are having a 'SIPS raising party'.  A bunch of hands, cordless drills and a bazillion screws - the first floor should be built in a day!  Stay tuned...

SIP = Structurally Insulated Panel
7 1/2" Structural wall panels. Light gauge steel framed with EPS foam insulation. EPS foam does not off-gas. Wall panels are completely thermally broken with a continuous R-value of 25. Window openings are incorporated into panels. Manufactured byThermasteel Corporation.
Check out Noble Home to learn more!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Another major day, pivotal point in this project, has arrived.  All the prep work was done last week and now the weather finally cleared, with blue skies in the forecast for at least the next 3 days.  So the slab, which will be our finished floor, could be poured.  Hallelujah.  Get on your dancing shoes!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Over the fourth of July we worked our butts off to get the insulation and PEX tubing installed so our concrete guy could come poor the slab, BUT he got tied up and couldn't come.  The slab, which is also our finished floor, can not be poured if there is a chance of rain, SO given the forecast he may not return for an additional 4 days.  This leaves us at a total stand still.  Right away we took advantage of the down time and got rid of ALL the garbage, did yard work and shopped for tile.  We found amazing porcelain tile that looks like weathered wood for the upstairs bathroom floor (at Dalene Flooring Outlet store in Hartford, CT)  and glass tiles for the shower surround (from good ol' CL!)  Both at a steal.