Tuesday, October 28, 2014


the kind guy who delivered our SIPs on his 18 wheeler gave us this tshirt.
best. name. ever.
lovelady county, north carolina

and here's lisa...she can hardly hide her excitement. EVER, really :)
PROGRESS! It is truly exciting and deeply gratifying to see walls actually going up and the shape of our new home taking form! The hold up of everything has been hard but it's also given us time to put some energy into what changes and improvements we'll be making on the old part of the house to tie it all in to the new. For example -- our living room, it always felt cluttered even though we don't have a lot of stuff, and it rarely was a place you wanted to chill out in and read a book or watch a movie. WAIT! We never have time to read a book or watch a movie and when we do it's in bed, on our lap top! Well, we are excited to change that and it's a big part of our future design.

The new house concrete floor is totally level with the existing first floor. This will surely help things to flow better. We are getting rid of a small useless closet, exposing the staircase so the old part of the house will open up to the new, creating one big open space. I LOVE THAT! We will have access to the stairs from both the new section and the old living room. We scored on a gorgeous double french door that will replace a window in the living room that leads out to the screened-in porch (yet to be built).

first floor SIPs are up

temporary second floor is in so they can safely build the 2nd floor
second floor SIPs are up

before the roof is on.  our bedroom windows
south facing
roof and facia boards are being installed
north facing, and our front door
Our  king-sized bed will go below this sweet bank of windows 

If there were a Queen of the Snail Parade in house building I'd say it has to be SIDING! Although we only have a small crew of 2 guys (plus my brother here and there) it is down right slow going folks, so take a break or review your electric plan during this part!
Look at that massive bathroom window!  Our tub goes right below it, yahoo
Here's our concrete floor after FINALLY finishing the staining & sealing.  In this photo the wax is still wet so it appears much glossier than it will be.  It came out a gorgeous, mottled warm array of browns and golds.  
The upstairs temporary floor is removed and the tongue & groove wood floor is in!
We are planning on sealing it with 3 to 5 coats of tung oil.

 Wood floor is protected and interior walls are going up; 2 bedrooms and a master bath
This may not look like much but it is to us... it's the first time the addition is lit up at night (we finally got work lights) -- you can see the warm glow coming through the clerestory windows!!