Sunday, November 24, 2013


Score #3 took place after dropping off 5 students at JFK in a monster rental SUV, I scooted over to Brooklyn, which by then it was nearly 10pm.  I met a guy named Irwin who was selling a brand new, never installed double-ended extra-deep acrylic claw foot tub.   It's huge and beautiful.  I love the idea of having a bathtub-centric bathroom; our new master bath will be a dreamy oasis of self-care and tranquility!  This "Baths of Distinction" tub is the 73" Bateau Collection; the price on the website for the full kit is $1989, I paid $740 (it included everything still in original packaging, and the feet are white cast iron, which we preferred over the chrome finish seen in photo).  

The next day, I had arrangements to meet Todd in Harwinton, CT who was selling a kitchen sink.  After tagging about 100 kitchens on for inspiration we realized that we no longer wanted to go with a stainless steel sink, which we were adamant about only a few weeks ago.  With the appliances being SS, it seemed it would be too cold to have the sink be steel too. So we went back to wanting a cast iron white enamel farm style sink.  Kohler makes a wicked sweet reproduction one, but it's expensive.  A few other companies have some at much better prices (American Standard & even Ikea).  When I saw this CL post, I just had to check it out... for sale was a Kohler Gilford 30" Kitchen Sink, brand new never installed, still in the box.  It has a tall back-splash with holes for wall a mounted faucet.  The sink ranges from $1500 (from Home Depot) to $2000 (from Kohler).  This was Score #4, I paid $450.  We LOVE it, we're now excitedly looking at faucets.  This photo, taken from, shows the actual Gilford sink.

Thank you Irwin & Todd.  And a big thanks to my rockin' mom who allowed us to store these things on her secure screened in porch until spring.  We ordered a storage unit, the kind they drop right on your property but we're on a waiting list, zoinks. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013


While searching craigslist for the most needed things for our addition - like sinks, tiles and a tub, I veered off the path into dream-land and saw a post I couldn't ignore.  The ad was for a couch and chair of our dreams!  I contacted the sellers and made plans, even outside of a driving job, borrowed a friends truck and drove to Greenwich, CT - TODAY, my one day off.  Nuts! but beyond worth it.  When my ass hit that sofa I melted head to toe into the down stuffed cushions covered in soft white cotton linen.  Both pieces are made by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.  Our score was a lightly used Nicki II 98" slipcovered sofa and matching chair.  The sofa alone can be purchased today for $3000, we paid $500 for both.  WTW?!  We may not have a kitchen or bathroom for a few months but atleast we'll be cozy on our couch at the end of an exhausting day of demolition or construction.   Thank you Jennifer and her husband, the bungee-cord rockstar, we'll keep them well covered until the work is done.  
(It's too dark now to take a photo, so here's one from the original CL post, which makes the sofa look frumpy, but it isn't at all!)
This project is like a giant glitter-rainbow covered Rubik's cube.   I have to re-arrange and move the order of things with efficiency, and in this case a strategy that is mostly faith-and-joy-based, so that when all the spinning is done we'll have accomplished a beautifully aligned home on a super tight budget.   

Saturday, November 16, 2013


So, my wife said she'd like a vintage-style sink in our utility room, and indeed Kohler makes a gorgeous reproduction one just like she wants, it's called the Brockway - they start at $1100, not including a faucet!  Then I did what I love and do best, I surf craigslist daily and then hit the pavement, of course in conjunction with a driving job.  And looky what I found - for $30!  It needs to be re-glazed, but it's authentic and comes with the hanging bracket, and I love it!  Thank you Bill of Framingham, MA.

Next week I look at a brand new, reproduction acrylic clawfoot tub in Brooklyn, NY right after I drop off 4 students at JFK.  I'll be sporting a monster SUV, perfect if I buy the tub which is currently available on various websites for $2000... stay tuned!