Tuesday, February 18, 2014


It's official, the local bank we mentioned back when we started this blog just called  - WE GOT THE LOAN!

Although we've been planning, dreaming and praying for this for over 7 years, I do believe something has to do with 2014 being the Year of the horse.  While some things needed to heal, align and become clear in order to manifest a dream of this magnitude, other things simply needed to build up energy. We are deeply grateful to unseen forces and to the forces that are quite seen -- our family, friends, neighbors, customers and to Franklin County Community Development Corp, and the Franklin Land Trust.

And, the final plans from Noble Home have arrived!  We tweaked room sizes, location of sinks and added more windows.  Here's a glimpse of the south facing elevation - our favorite, as this faces the meadows.

Now if only it would stop snowing!!!  

Our current front entrance
Our storage unit, still accessible but getting tricky!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Ever see the HGTV show "Rehab Addict", I friggen' love that show! Though ours isn't a rehab project, we're feeling the same kind of passion and creative fire, especially since much of our project involves finding old (and new) treasures, being thrifty and thinking outside of the box.  In a few weeks we are going to New England Demolition & Salvage in New Bedford, MA to look for another sink, doors & wood planks.  We'll be using the planks for some of our walls, much like in this photo (left) and we're also making some barn-style doors.   I found a great tutorial on making our own barn-door hardware, you can check it out at:
And if you want to see some gorgeous rustic bathrooms where we've found lots of inspiration, click here!

This week we are picking up Score #6
After MUCH thought about the color, style and size of the vanity for our master bathroom, we narrowed it down and then hit craigslist.  Our search turned up this simple, sweet, made of real solid wood, double-sink vanity with a marble counter-top.  We originally thought 2 sinks was silly and excessive, but then fast remembered this is a family bathroom, to be shared with Stella, uh-duh!  So we decided on this (photo below); we are all thrilled!  Now we need the faucets and hardware. Thanks to our super-sweet friend Connie for letting us use her truck yet again!

The Foundation is an area where lots of money will be spent, and it's darn necessary cuz it needs to be done right! We found a great local guy who'll be pouring the foundation. The slab will also serve as the floor of our main living area and it will be our heat source so protecting and insulating the heat sink will save us money in the long run on heating costs.