Friday, December 6, 2013


I feel the need to imagine the scene over here is as adorable as this gnome moving his toadstool.

We've begun to pack nearly the entire contents of our house and we'll be putting it into this 20' roll-off storage unit that arrived in our driveway today.  Once spring is here we'll remove all the doors, windows, moldings, kitchen cabinets, appliances and wood floors in preparation for Demolition Day. Stella's concerned that we'll find a petrified squirrel in the walls (huh?), I wouldn't be surprised if we find fifty pounds of cat kibble strategically stashed by mice over 18 years.  Either way, we're excited to see the old Smead's hunting cabin come down to make way for the new gorgeous Noble Home!  I wonder what our late neighbor Bob would think.  He used to own this place and worked hard maintaining it until it made sense to sell...that's when we entered the scene.  Rest In Peace Bob Nichols we miss you very much, and I'm pretty sure you would give us your sweet smile of approval, chuckle and say, "Keep the Faith!"

Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's finally final!  Here's a link to a sweet little piece that appeared in our local newspaper yesterday Dec 2nd, about the beloved "Madeline's Meadow".  The newspaper used one of my photos, taken from our kitchen patio in summer, where there will soon be a span of 16 feet of glass!  I love all the green, it heals me and fills me with joy!  The meadow is also a great sledding spot these days.

‘Iconic’ Shelburne Center property to be preserved | The Recorder

View from our kitchen in summer