stella's page

This is my friend Zoe and me.  She is 10 now.  When I have my own room, I'm going to invite her over for a special sleep-over.  We will spy on my moms, shhhhhh!  And I will invite Zoe into my secret reading loft when she comes over. From the loft we can throw things into my moms' room and the master bathroom, they won't know what's going on.  The new bathroom will have a laundry chute and we will throw water balloons down it.  Double-shhhhh!

Hi my name is Stella, and this is my memory box.  I've been working on it since I turned 7 years old.  I have collected many things from different places, like treasures from the beach.  For instance the crab claw, which i found in the water in Provincetown.  This memory box is really special. When the addition gets built it will hang in my new room.  Right now it hangs on a wall at the bottom of the stairs.

Vito in the clover, June 2013

a favorite tree on the campus where my mommy works, oct 2013

we are different
colors in fall and
we live in the trees in summer
what are we
that is right we are
leaves we glisten in
the fall and we
live in the trees in summer
we are leaves


  1. This is the best page on the whole interwebs!

  2. I love your memory box! It's going to make your room so special. What a wonderful idea. Now I want to start one. Stella, how do I get started?

    1. Thank you! Check your local antique shops and look for an old drawer and fill it with your favorite little things.